Hello August

August is here and it's been one awesome summer that has gone by far too fast. It's crazy to think how everyone is going back to school next week here in Florida. I am so excited that August is here though, because in 12 days (I cant believe it!) I will be officially done with my two math courses I have been taking since late June. I do not enjoy math in the least and it will be so relieving to have gotten my math courses done and over with. I think a little celebration needs to be in order (haha). I always have enjoyed this time of the year in Florida though because although it's hurricane season all of the rain and thunderstorms every afternoon make for some very beautiful deep blue skies that I can never quite seem to capture perfectly on camera. Also walking outside in my lanaii I found a little interesting spider (they also come around this time of year) I usually don't like spiders but these ones are really quite unique.

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