21st Birthday (part 2)

I am incredibly lucky because this weekend I got to celebrate my birthday a second time (complete with cake, candles, and singing) with some of my best girl friends and my sister at this place on the beach called Doc Fords. I also had an amazing pomegranate Mojito. I don't know what it is but Im really liking this whole new world of girly mixed drinks-I want to try them all! (hah) Although theses photos are sort of grainy I still wanted to put them up. This heres a picture of my reaction to the enormous slice of brownie cake after I blew out my candle.
 I was so happy my sister came too because I consider her to be my best friend of all time.
Im so glad I got to spend the evening with these amazing ladies and I had a blast! 
Its so funny to be 21. People have been asking me if I feel any older and In a way I do but in a way I also don't. Sometimes I feel super sophisticated while other times I feel like a little girl playing dress up and pretending to be an adult. Is this weird? I don't know maybe these years are just a strange stage in life and i'm sure ill figure things out eventually! Well I am off to eat some some cereal and go to bed (or at least try to go to bed). I am a complete night owl and sometimes find myself up at 2 a.m. This is no fun when you have to wake up early the next day for work! 


21st Birthday!

I turned 21 today and got to have an amazing day filled with great friends and family. I had lunch downtown with some girls from work and ordered my first drink-a mimosa! It was delicious! Then I spent the rest of the afternoon downtown with my mom looking through stores and getting frozen yogurt! I also got to have the traditional dinner at the Mexican restaurant with my family which was awesome-all in all I had a great day!


Inspiration Lately

Just some things i've been inspired by on Pinterest lately and a few things i'm missing right now like cool fall weather and drinking chai tea. Well, either way I still absolutely love the fall season and even though it doesn't really start getting chilly here in Florida until mid-October i'm still planning on getting into the spirit of the season!


The Pink Shell

This weekend I got to have sort of an impromptu mini vacation at this beautiful resort on Fort Myers Beach called the Pink Shell. My dad was there for meetings the whole weekend but me and my mom got to spend some quality time together hanging out by the pool and beach while enjoying the Florida sunshine. The whole weekend was very relaxing and it was almost sad to have to go back to reality on Sunday night. Although it is awesome to realize that all of this is only fifteen minutes away-practically in my backyard!
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