The Golden Hour

Today my sister and I took a drive down to Lakes Park, a beautiful park that has a ton of things to do from just walking around and seeing all of the natural beauty, to renting boats and kayaks or even bikes. It's a really fun place. We were there during the golden hour-just as the sun was about to set and everything was illuminated in a gorgeous warm, golden glow.  
There was a cool breeze and a fall festival was going on with pumpkin patches which made it feel a little more like October.
There were so many adorable bunnies hopping around...
I loved that it felt so much like Fall even though I live in Florida...the trees seemed to be changing colors here too...
I had so much fun today with my sister...she's very talented and we always have a blast when were together. We can make anything 10x funnier than what it really is and I love the times we get to hang out together when were not both super busy.


Au Naturel

So lately I have been really into the idea of throwing out conventional beauty products, as well as nutrition and dieting techniques, for a more "natural" approach.

Only when I say lately, what I really mean is in the past year or so.

The interest in this sort of thing started when I decided to watch a documentary on Netflix called "Hungry for Change" just for the heck of it. It got me very curious and I began to do a lot of research on my own, and discovered some very startling things about the way I had been living and treating my body. Up until this point I had never given any consideration to what I put in and on my body, and in doing so, have felt the results; bad skin, dry hair, irregular sleep and no energy to do anything. What really convinced me that I needed and wanted to change, as well as fascinated me, was the idea that you could heal most issues just by changing your diet or products to be more natural and unprocessed.

It almost seems like this should be a no-brainer, but for me, I feel that this is something that changed the way I look at things.

I think that the idea of using strictly chemical-free natural products, as well as eating unprocessed foods, is awesome and something I'm definitely interested in learning more about and trying. I'm currently taking a Nutrition class elective as one of my last classes before I get my AA degree. I've learned a lot so far but I am in no way an expert, just someone who enjoys learning about this topic.

I'm also someone who is sort of slow to change sometimes. I have these ideas in my mind but never put them into practice because I'm waiting for the perfect time or situation. I've realized that nothing is ever perfect, and that kind of attitude will only keep me stuck in the same place. So, I finally decided to just go for it. Even if I can't have it all together right this instant, I can still move in a small direction towards something better. 

So I went to the local health food store today with a few goals in mind:

1.) I've read all over the internet and other blogs about the "No Shampoo" or "No Poo" approach to haircare and it sounded really interesting. A lot of people are saying that it works really well when done right, and is 10x better for you than the normal shampoos filled with chemicals you can't pronounce and added fillers that weigh hair down as well as strip it of its natural oils. So I thought hey why not? I'll give it a try.

The idea is to "wash" your hair (mostly just your roots) with the baking soda. You do this by putting a teaspoon of it mixed with warm water into a spray bottle. Next comes the Apple Cider Vinegar rinse-- which you combine one tablespoon of with a cup of warm water in a spray bottle as well.

I also read that coconut oil can be used as a deep conditioner in small amounts as well as a de-frizzer in dry hair.

2.) Another thing was I wanted to find products that I could use on my face. I've read about the benefits of both coconut oil as a facial cleanser and moisturizer and honey as a cleanser. Both of these food products are naturally antibacterial and great for moisturizing.

I am excited to implement these new techniques into my daily routine and see how they work out!

Does anyone else out there know more on this subject? Anyone ever try one of these methods before? Lemme know! (:


21st Birthday (part 2)

I am incredibly lucky because this weekend I got to celebrate my birthday a second time (complete with cake, candles, and singing) with some of my best girl friends and my sister at this place on the beach called Doc Fords. I also had an amazing pomegranate Mojito. I don't know what it is but Im really liking this whole new world of girly mixed drinks-I want to try them all! (hah) Although theses photos are sort of grainy I still wanted to put them up. This heres a picture of my reaction to the enormous slice of brownie cake after I blew out my candle.
 I was so happy my sister came too because I consider her to be my best friend of all time.
Im so glad I got to spend the evening with these amazing ladies and I had a blast! 
Its so funny to be 21. People have been asking me if I feel any older and In a way I do but in a way I also don't. Sometimes I feel super sophisticated while other times I feel like a little girl playing dress up and pretending to be an adult. Is this weird? I don't know maybe these years are just a strange stage in life and i'm sure ill figure things out eventually! Well I am off to eat some some cereal and go to bed (or at least try to go to bed). I am a complete night owl and sometimes find myself up at 2 a.m. This is no fun when you have to wake up early the next day for work! 


21st Birthday!

I turned 21 today and got to have an amazing day filled with great friends and family. I had lunch downtown with some girls from work and ordered my first drink-a mimosa! It was delicious! Then I spent the rest of the afternoon downtown with my mom looking through stores and getting frozen yogurt! I also got to have the traditional dinner at the Mexican restaurant with my family which was awesome-all in all I had a great day!


Inspiration Lately

Just some things i've been inspired by on Pinterest lately and a few things i'm missing right now like cool fall weather and drinking chai tea. Well, either way I still absolutely love the fall season and even though it doesn't really start getting chilly here in Florida until mid-October i'm still planning on getting into the spirit of the season!


The Pink Shell

This weekend I got to have sort of an impromptu mini vacation at this beautiful resort on Fort Myers Beach called the Pink Shell. My dad was there for meetings the whole weekend but me and my mom got to spend some quality time together hanging out by the pool and beach while enjoying the Florida sunshine. The whole weekend was very relaxing and it was almost sad to have to go back to reality on Sunday night. Although it is awesome to realize that all of this is only fifteen minutes away-practically in my backyard!


Little Yellow Flower Dress

I made this dress with the tiny yellow flowers on it a little while ago and am finally getting a chance to put it on my blog. It was so pretty out tonight and just the perfect temperature for the last days of summer...

Daycation: Venice Beach

Some friends and I took a little "daycation" (as we like to call it) to Venice Beach a.k.a the "Shark Tooth" beach on Sunday. I love this beach because you really can find the most interesting shark teeth of all different shapes and sizes if you know how to look. It was a beautiful day and so relaxing. I just love the beach and I would go everyday if I could.


Iv'e Got that Summertime Sadness

This song perfectly describes how I feel today and I have it on repeat.

Hello August

August is here and it's been one awesome summer that has gone by far too fast. It's crazy to think how everyone is going back to school next week here in Florida. I am so excited that August is here though, because in 12 days (I cant believe it!) I will be officially done with my two math courses I have been taking since late June. I do not enjoy math in the least and it will be so relieving to have gotten my math courses done and over with. I think a little celebration needs to be in order (haha). I always have enjoyed this time of the year in Florida though because although it's hurricane season all of the rain and thunderstorms every afternoon make for some very beautiful deep blue skies that I can never quite seem to capture perfectly on camera. Also walking outside in my lanaii I found a little interesting spider (they also come around this time of year) I usually don't like spiders but these ones are really quite unique.


Tennessee Trip

A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to be able to go on an awesome (somewhat surprise, considering I had found out only three days before) trip to Tennessee with my family. We were only there for four days but we got to do some incredible things like ride horses up the side of a mountain without any guides, go river tubing and also climb the third highest mountain in the Smokies to see Rainbow Falls. Well, even though we got completely rained out when we reached the top, it was an awesome memory I will never forget and I already miss it there like crazy. I don't think I could live for long in a place without mountains and the beauty that Tennessee has.
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