21st Birthday (part 2)

I am incredibly lucky because this weekend I got to celebrate my birthday a second time (complete with cake, candles, and singing) with some of my best girl friends and my sister at this place on the beach called Doc Fords. I also had an amazing pomegranate Mojito. I don't know what it is but Im really liking this whole new world of girly mixed drinks-I want to try them all! (hah) Although theses photos are sort of grainy I still wanted to put them up. This heres a picture of my reaction to the enormous slice of brownie cake after I blew out my candle.
 I was so happy my sister came too because I consider her to be my best friend of all time.
Im so glad I got to spend the evening with these amazing ladies and I had a blast! 
Its so funny to be 21. People have been asking me if I feel any older and In a way I do but in a way I also don't. Sometimes I feel super sophisticated while other times I feel like a little girl playing dress up and pretending to be an adult. Is this weird? I don't know maybe these years are just a strange stage in life and i'm sure ill figure things out eventually! Well I am off to eat some some cereal and go to bed (or at least try to go to bed). I am a complete night owl and sometimes find myself up at 2 a.m. This is no fun when you have to wake up early the next day for work! 

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