The Pink Shell

This weekend I got to have sort of an impromptu mini vacation at this beautiful resort on Fort Myers Beach called the Pink Shell. My dad was there for meetings the whole weekend but me and my mom got to spend some quality time together hanging out by the pool and beach while enjoying the Florida sunshine. The whole weekend was very relaxing and it was almost sad to have to go back to reality on Sunday night. Although it is awesome to realize that all of this is only fifteen minutes away-practically in my backyard!


  1. It s not just to say something but I really like ur photos and colours, they really match the title of the blog;-) I m glad I will be following ur adventures xx

  2. Aw thanks so much To The River! I really appreciate it (:

  3. These pictures are stunning. :) I so wish I could go back to summer haha.

    1. Thank you Kaili! (: I live in Florida so its always summery here! lol I miss seasons though!

  4. These are such fun photos! I love your dress :)


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